Water Damage Restoration Services in Houston, TX

If your Houston, TX, home or business has suffered water damage, restoration services are just a phone call away. Contact Home & Commercial Restoration, LLC, and schedule your water damage restoration today.

Prompt Service

When a structure suffers from water damage, restoration efforts need to get underway as soon as possible to avoid further damage. At Home & Commercial Restoration, LLC, we offer quick response times and 24/7 emergency service to ensure that water damage can be halted in its tracks before it worsens and turns into mold damage.

Whether a storm, a burst pipe, or even a sewer backup caused your water damage, we will clean up the mess, inhibit further damage, and restore the damage. Were you unaware of the damage before it was too late to prevent mold growth? We also offer mold remediation and restore what has been damaged.

After we remove moisture from the premises and clear out any building materials that are damaged beyond repair, we clean and sanitize the affected areas in preparation for restoration. We will then replace things like drywall and carpets that didn’t survive the crisis.

Reliable Expertise

We are in our second generation of restoring homes and businesses in Houston, TX, so we have extensive knowledge about mitigating water damage, removing water, and restoring homes. In fact, we have successfully restored thousands of homes and businesses in the Houston area since our start, and we plan on helping with thousands more.

In our experience, we came to realize that one of the biggest challenges homeowners and businesses face after a disaster is taking inventory of their belongings. This is why we offer assistance with inventorying your property so you can determine what needs to be replaced and what could be saved.

Contact us by calling (833) 230-3789 so that we can handle your water damage restoration as soon as possible.